Saturday, November 15, 2008

11/14/08--The Underground Deli, New Britain, CT

Skipped out of work a bit early before my doctor's appt. to get lunch with Jill! This place is in the plaza right next to CCSU and Jill and I had probably skipped Jarek's Theatre History class a bunch of times to get sandwiches here, so we relived the glory days and met here. Cute little deli, mostly all college students/professors who know about this place and great sandwich creations. I had the #15, the Interruption--grilled chicken, cucumbers, lettuce and cheese with honey mustard on a hard roll (I have a slight obsession with honey mustard!) with a side of their pasta salad and Jill had ham and cheese on a hard roll with a side of their potato salad--everything was excellent and pretty cheap too, just like I remembered! I gotta skip outta work more often :)

No website, located on Stanley St. next to CCSU.


nikki hale said...

Hey, noticed your post on a google search. I've worked at the deli for 3 years now. You said no website in your post and I'd just like to let you know we just created a new site! Check it out
Glad you enjoyed eating at our deli!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the website update! I was actually there 2 weeks ago, delish as always!