Thursday, November 20, 2008

11/20/08-Feng Asian Bistro, Hartford, CT

CT Restaurant Week! I cannot pass up this deal. Out we went tonight with Kirstin joining us (always up for an adventure!) and we had reservations at Feng. I didn't think we were ever going to make it--accident on the highway, no parking anywhere, not to mention the wind was COLD! We finally made it and were seated in a nice comfortable booth. The decor was modern and very cool, and I must mention the bathrooms because Kirstin told me to--neat sinks with rocks at the bottom, very clean. Anyway, I digress. The offer was the same for Hartford restaurant week--prefix menu, all for $20.08. Kirstin and Tom had the Sichimi Shanchi White Tuna, seared with wild ginger for their appetizer and I had Sampler Platter- crab ragoon, shrimp shumai, chicken satay, & beef dumpling. For our entree, we all tried something different--Kirstin had Sushi Sampler, assorted sushi (Chef's choice) with a spicy tuna roll--Tom had Ginger Salmon, with ten vegetable Shang Hai noodles--I had Honey Five Spiced Chicken, with wok fried rice. We all tried eachothers dishes--and YES, I tried sushi--ok, I am so not a big fan. It was an experience that I'm pretty sure I will not aquire anytime soon. But I tried it. So there :) We all had the Banana & Coconut Spring Roll, with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce for dessert--I didn't think that combo would be good, but it was. Everything was well received, although the portions were small (maybe just because we ordered off the restaurant week menu?) but we all left feeling very satisfied. I hope to come back sometime soon!

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kirstin said...

I shall never insist you do sushi shots with me again.