Sunday, February 24, 2008

2/23/08-Buffalo Wild Wings-Milford, CT

Went to Stratford to visit a friend in the afternoon, and Tom suggested we head over to the post mall and get lunch, since I've never been there. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, a national chain with only 2 locations in CT (we had previously been to one out in Indianapolis about 2 years ago). The big thing at this chain is the different sauces you can choose to have your wings in. We had an appetizer of boneless wings with 3 different sauces to dip in (garlic parmesan for Tom, asian zing for me and Caribbean jerk for the both of us)--all were excellent. Tom had a black&blue burger and I had pulled pork tossed in their honey bbq sauce. Lunch was very decently priced and we both left stuffed.

2/22/08-Applebee's-Wallingford, CT

Tom's pick. Now I don't necessarily advocate chain restaurants, but I do realize that they are hard to ignore, and some really aren't that bad. With that being said, dinner was decent. Both of us did the "3-Course Combo" promotion--mine being an appetizer of mozzarella sticks (served sorta cold), entree of Fiesta Lime chicken (which is very tasty) and a dessert shooter of a hot fudge sundae. Tom had an appetizer of boneless buffalo wings, entree of Cheddar Jack Mac 'n Cheese with Chicken and a dessert shooter of chocolate mousse. All in all, not too bad. I think the best part of the dinner was my drink--the apple margarita. It's not on the menu anymore, but definitely ask for it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

2/16/08 Eli's on Whitney-Hamden, CT

I try to get us to experience a new restaurant every weekend, instead of going to the same old places all the time, so tonight we tried Eli's on Whitney (I had coupons, so that helped the decision!). Very busy place, even at 830pm when we got there. The bar and dining room were packed, waited a reasonable 15 minutes. Tom ordered one of the specials that evening--prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. Everything looked great and tasted fantastic. It came served with the white asparagus, which had a slightly more bitter taste than the typical green asparagus, but was good nonetheless. I had the turkey burger, which was very moist and tasty. Tom had the blue moon on tap and I ordered a white chocolate martini, which is most def worth trying. Unfortunately, I do have to say that the reason I'm not jumping to come back here is, while we were waiting for our check, the hostess came to our table and asked if we would mind moving to another table because a large party was coming in. I understand she had a job to do, but come on. At least comp us a dessert if you're gonna ask ;)

Check it out....

2/15/08 Westbrook Lobster- Wallingford, CT

Our old standby, Westbrook Lobster, is a great casual restaurant. Best happy hour around, in my opinion. Tom and I went for dinner tonight--I am not much of a "seafarer", so I had the Lemon Honey Pecan Chicken, which is easily one of the best dishes on the menu. Tom ordered the "lazy man's" lobster, 1 1/2 pounds of pulled lobster, mixed with stuffing and drawn butter. He ate the whole thing, so it must have been good :) . The casear salads and starches that accompanied dinner were also excellent.

Check this place out for yourself....