Monday, October 27, 2008

10/25/08-Baci Grill, Cromwell, CT

Yay for Kirstin giving me a gift certificate to a place NOT on my blog so we could try it! Tom and I went here about 7pm Saturday night (it was pretty this usual or just another sign of the times?!) and had a lovely dining experience. We were seated immediately and given water and very tasty garlic bread with roasted garlic infused oil for dipping. Tom ordered the special--Prime Rib and au jus with asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes--overall a little tough but enjoyable. I had the Black Angus Sirloin Steak with aspargus and garlic mashed potatoes with a balsamic demi glace--very tender, cooked to order and the demi glace really made the dish. To round out our meal, we had Chocolate decadence for dessert--whoever came up with this is a godsend--warmed chocolate with ice cream scoops and whipped cream. Simply amazing.

Great experience, would reccomend to anyone looking for a nice dinner out.

Friday, October 24, 2008

10/20/08-ESPN Zone @ NY, NY, Las Vegs, NV

Stopped at the bar on my way back from seeing Criss Angel at the Luxor (Hey Criss, you suck. Try to hide the cables next time.) I had a margarita and a BBQ chicken sandwich. Ahh yes, it hit the spot. Nothing fancy about any of it. Nice bartenders, highlights of the MNF game on the TV, just a nice, relaxing dinner. Talking to the bartender, she remarked how dead the restaurant was--yet another sign of how the economy is taking a toll on everyone--even in Vegas, the city of decadence!

10/19/08-Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas, NV

Usual touristy kitchy stop while on vacation (sadly, best place we ate at.....sigh my family is so unadventerous when it comes to food). I started with the Waborita (sensing a pattern of drinking? me too...though not as much as I'd like) then the Hickory smoked BBQ beef brisket, Mom had the herb-grilled chicken breast, Dad had the Hickory smoked pulled pork sandwich and Lauren had the Famous Fajitas. And of course, no visit to the Hard Rock would be complete without a stop to the store after dinner! We then went to the Bellagio to see "O" by Cirque du Soleil, which genuinely rocked my world and made me feel as if I'm wasting my talent on dispatching when I could be a part of a production as amazing as that was. Anyone have connections? I'm an excellent stagehand!

10/18/08-BLT Burger @ The Mirage, Las Vegas, NV

After-show dinner (the Beatles "LOVE" by Cirque du Soleil! what a cute show!) at the Mirage. I started with a spiked milkshake called Night Rider (Kahlua, Chocolate Liqueur, Oreo Cookies and Chocolate Ice Cream) and Lauren had the Black & White (Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Syrup). Then we split the kobe sliders, sweet potato fries and waffle fries while Dad had The Classic and Mom had the Salmon burger. Although not the best burger place ever (ahh yes, Catsup, you still hold that place in my heart!), it was pretty damn good.

10/18/08-California Pizza Kitchen @ The Mirage, Las Vegas, NV

Lauren and I went shopping this morning and we met up with my parents for lunch. We met at the Mirage and while discussing where to get lunch, I said to them "I don't want to eat anywhere that I can eat at in CT." You can see how well that worked out.

Regardless, good lunch. My dad shared the Traditional Cheese pizza with Lauren, while my mom and I split the Waldorf Chicken salad (my fav!) and the California Club Pizza on honey-wheat dough (the only way to have their pizza IMO). Everything was fantastic (even though I can drive 30 min and get to one back home!)

10/17/08-Brew Pub @ Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, NV

Vegas vacation!! We arrived in Vegas on Friday afternoon, waaaaay too tired from all the traveling to do much of anything, so we went downstairs to the Brew Pub for dinner. Average bar-ish food--Mom had the Finger Lickin BBQ burger, Dad had the Big Honkin Cheeseburger, Lauren had the chicken fingers and I had the BBQ chicken pizza--everything was exactly what we expected--decent, average priced dinner. Not much in the way of sightseeing today, more tomorrow!

Our hotel (and tonights restaurant)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

10/11/08-Butterfly, West Hartford, CT

Haven't had Chinese in a loooong time so we headed out for a nice dinner. We started with the dumplings (so good!) and then Tom had the Chicken Two Style (1/2 sesame chicken, 1/2 chicken in a brown sauce) and I had the General Tso's--both were excellent, as usual! I can't have chinese very often, my stomach just can't handle it, but this is actually goooood chinese food. Lovely restaurant, great service, nice atmosphere--I've been here quite a few times over the years, never been disappointed. Excellent lunch specials, too. Usually, this place would be packed at 7pm on a Saturday night, but you could really see the toll the economy has taken on the restaurant industry by looking at all the restaurants in the area (we had an Entertainment coupon, so that helps us out!) so waiting was not an issue. We'll be back!

No website, located on Farmington Ave.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

10/3/08-Little Italy, Wallingford, CT

Spent the night in with Tom since this is his last day on the second shift jobsite (yay!), so we ordered pizza from this great Italian market on Rt. 150. They make a killer BBQ chicken pizza(my fav!) so we splurged and got pizza, beer and dessert-a slice of frutta di bosco for Tom and chocolate mousse cake for me--so good! It was nice to spend the night in with comfort food, just enjoying time with eachother. We've had grinders and pasta from this market and everything they make is fantastic!