Sunday, June 17, 2012

6/13/12-C.O.Jones, New Haven, CT

Tom and I headed out to dinner to try something new. When we arrived, we were told to pick any table and the waitress would be right with us. The girl that had our table was young and peppy, she brought over their signature chips and salsa and she explained that from 5pm-7pm, certain appetizers and drinks were half off--great deal! Tom ordered a Dos Equis draft while I went with the house margarita on the rocks and we placed our dinner order.

At this point early in the evening, things started to not go well for us. Tables that came in way after us were getting their drinks and bottles of water for the table. The appetizer that we chose to order, the chorizo and manchego croquettes, came out before our drinks did! There were two croquettes, split in half on the plate--nice texture, good flavor. We then waited....and waited....and waited....for our entrees to arrive. Tables that arrived after us got up and left. Even the table next to us made a comment about how long we seemed to be waiting for our food! For a small place, on a weekday night, this was both odd and unacceptable to us.

Finally, dinner arrived! Tom had the braised steak burrito--he enjoyed this, said it was very filling. I had ordered 3 different tacos (apparently when you order 3 different kinds, it doesn't come with sides, however, 3 tacos of the same kind does)--roasted duck, spicy carnitas and grilled shrimp--they were all interesting and tasty in their own ways and went down very quickly (they are on the small side).

So we finished our meals and flagged someone down for a container to wrap the rest of Tom's leftovers. Now, usually at this point, the waitress either asks if you want dessert and coffee (if they offer this) or gives you the check. Neither happened. After wondering where she went for quite some time, we finally caught her eye and when she came over, her response was "Oh, are you ready for the check now?" Ummm, duh! By the time we were paid and on our way, we had spent over 2.5 hours here. Don't get me wrong--we love to take our time and enjoy our food when appropriate, but this place just wasn't that type of place. We both agree--we'll never return.

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