Sunday, June 24, 2012

6/20/12-Flaggstead Smokehouse, Farmington, CT

Date night with Rick! Dinner tonight was my choice, so I picked another BBQ place to compare with the last place we went. Flaggstead is a little building on Rt. 4 with a tiny dining area. It is charming and makes you feel at home, with it's worn in look, Texas decor and the smell of BBQ cooking. Seating inside was at a premium tonight, with a large table filled with a big family and only two other tables by the door, we were in a tight spot but we made it work. They do have an outdoor deck but with the temp being near 100 degrees today, inside was the place to be.

Rick and I both went with a two-meat plate. I had the brisket and ribs with my sides being garlic mashed potatoes and corn bread. The brisket was definitely the winner--tender, moist, with a nice smoke layer that had a great taste alone, but was also wonderful with the BBQ sauce on the tables. The ribs to me were on the dry side, making them really tough to eat unfortunately. My sides, however, were fantastic--the mashed potatoes were sooo garlicky, it was a good thing I wasn't going to be making out with anyone anytime soon! The cornbread was a nice big piece, moist and delicious, with a pad of butter on the top, melting down the sides. I also had the house sweet tea--not overly sweet, just perfect if you ask me.

Rick went with the half chicken and ribs, mac and cheese and cornbread. The chicken portion was huge, tender and tasty. We were told upon ordering that the mac and cheese was a new recipe they were trying out for the first time that night--Rick didn't care for it at all, saying he wouldn't order that again.

Overall we had a nice dinner. I would return and try one of their sandwiches--and definitely get some more of their cornbread!

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