Saturday, June 2, 2012

6/1/12-Rooftop 120, Glastonbury, CT

Tom and I headed out for the evening to check out this relatively-new place. When we arrived, we were told that the wait to eat out on the rooftop was 30-45 minutes (we had reservations but apparently the rooftop is first-come first-serve) so we decided to just eat inside. Rooftop 120 is a beautiful space--very chic, modern and classy. We were at a cute little table in an alcove that gave us the feeling that we were all alone. Our waitress came and took our drink order--a Blue Moon for Tom and a Rooftop Sunset martini for me--my drink was delish but $12.75 for ONE martini? Yikes.

On to the food! We started with the Cuban Eggrolls--because who has ever heard of a Cuban Eggroll? We were so glad we went with this one and I almost wish I had ordered two! Pork, ham, swiss all rolled up and deep fried with a creole mustard on the side--how could you go wrong with this? For our entrees, we both decided to get a  burger--Tom with the Rooftop Cheeseburger and me with the Gourmet Turkey Burger. Tom's burger was nothing to write home about--cooked almost well done, it lacked flavor for him; however, the truffle fries we got on the side were pretty good. It also came with a half pickle on the side--we described it as a cross between dill and bread and butter pickles--odd and unexpected but not terrible. My turkey burger wasn't great, either--it was charred black on both sides--that being said, it was still moist inside. My big problem was with the brie--the slices were so thick that the flavor from the brie completely took over the rest of the burger. I could barely taste the turkey burger itself, nevermind the caramelized onions! With such a slamming burger place down on the first floor, I wouldn't get a burger here again.

Service was a bit on the slow side so by the time we got the check, we decided to venture elsewhere for dessert (especially after seeing that ONE slice of red velvet cake was a staggering $12.75). We loved the atmosphere and would like to come back again, but I think our money would be better served sitting at the bar and enjoying the happy hour menu (not to mention that the bartender seemed like she was much more personable than our server)--plus, I'd really like to get those cuban eggrolls again! Definitely worth checking out--I hope they'll improve in time and get their prices in check!

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