Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1/4/11-Katz's Deli, Woodbridge, CT

Working out on the road today, finally got a chance to stop for a late lunch and was right around the corner from this deli with a famous name, so my partner and I stopped in. The selection is huge--lots of great creations to choose from, it was hard to decide! I chose the fresh turkey and brie wrap with romaine, craisins, candied walnuts with a raspberry mayo--the wrap was a great size, nicely made with a good taste combination but I wish the brie was melted instead of in chunks. Lunch was also accompanied by a pickle slice, nice touch. The thing that grabbed my and my partner's attention was the price--sticker shock! Don't get me wrong, the wrap was fresh, inventive and delicious but damn, really? Ohh well, still worth a try if you're in the area and have a couple extra bucks in your pocket.


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