Monday, January 10, 2011

1/9/11-Anthony Jack's, Southington, CT

Out to dinner this evening with Tom's cousin Alicia and her husband Mike--both of which love good food and new dining experiences as much as we do! Known for their wood-fired steaks and seafood, this is a popular dining establishment in the ever-growing town of Southington--it has a classy, dimly-lit interior, a very chic feel. We thought ahead and made reservations and were promptly seated upon arrival.

Shortly after sitting down, drinks were brought along with fresh rolls right out of the oven. Next was the salad course--Caesar for all of us. Then came the entrees--Alicia had a pasta dish that she frequently enjoys when she gets lunch in town--rigatoni with mushrooms in a cream sauce. Mike had filet oscar, cooked to his liking with the house vegetables and a side of mashed potatoes which he enjoyed. Tom had the prime rib with rice and house vegetables--Tom found his prime rib to be a bit on the thinner side than is typical and also a bit overcooked for his liking. I had the NY strip steak with asparagus and a side of mashed potatoes--the steak was charred nicely and seasoned, although mine was also cooked a bit more than I would have liked (medium-well instead of medium).

In all, we left happy and satisfied. Stay tuned for this foursome's next adventure in March!

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