Sunday, January 30, 2011

1/22/11-Cuckoo's Nest, Old Saybrook, CT

Stopped here for lunch with Jill, Leigh and their mom on our way to do some outlet shopping. I was the only one who'd never been here before out of the group. To start, we were given a basket of chips and a bowl of the house salsa--really good salsa! For lunch, I had a grilled chicken quesadilla, which was very filling. It came with a good sized cup of sour cream, but it had green onions or something mixed into it, which I felt was unnecessary. The other 3 ladies started out with the soup of the day--artichoke--which had mixed reviews. Jill had the Santa Fe steak roll up, which she enjoyed, Leigh also had a grilled chicken quesadilla and Jill's mom had a dish off the mexican ala carte menu. Prices were reasonable and we all left full. I was kinda disappointed with the lunch menu in comparison with the dinner menu, so I'd like to come back maybe for dinner sometime to make a more informed judgment decision on this quirky shoreline joint.

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