Saturday, June 6, 2009

5/29/09-Calypso Creamery Cafe, Middletown, CT

After dinner at La Boca with Jeremy and Amanda, we walked down the street to what we thought was Praline's to get ice cream for dessert--lo and behold, it had changed! The new Calypso Creamery is now designed like a tiki hut but has the same concept as the old place. Both Amanda and I had small scoops of ice cream, which were good (they are still making their own ice cream) but the boys ordered chocolate shakes with chocolate sprinkles and both were very disappointed! There seemed to be far too much milk in the shakes, ruining the consistency. Next time we'll hit up Durham Dari-Serv!

Main St., Middletown

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Kevin Smith said...

For the last 25 years, Praline's Ice Cream has always been and still is being made at its manufacturing plant in Wallingford. This store may no longer be a Praline's, but look for a NEW Praline's shortly in the area. Praline's ice cream is still being served in Rocky Hill, Wallingford, Berlin, Southington, and Plainville (to name a few).