Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7/20/12-Black Eyed Sally's, Hartford, CT

What a cool place to hang out.

I've been here on a few occasions, but apparently Tom has never been. So, on a rainy Friday in Hartford we stopped in to get some Southern food. The ambiance is very cool, with paintings of blues artists on the walls and the sound checks of a musician who is going to hit the stage later in the evening.

The menu has every Southern dish you might be craving (for us, that's pretty much everything!). We decided to start with fried okra and pickle chips--hot, lightly fried with a "Tennessee tartar" sauce for dipping--this disappeared fast! I never had either of these things fried before, but I would definitely have them again. For entrees, Tom had BBQ Beef Brisket platter, which came with coleslaw, red beans and rice and he ordered an additional side of garlicky green beans. The brisket came atop texas white toast and was a great portion. It wasn't fall-apart tender, but it wasn't tough either and had a nice smoky flavor. I went with the Southern Fried Chicken, which came with collard greens and mac n cheese. The chicken was out of sight--four pieces fried to perfection, nice and juicy on the inside yet crispy and a nice hint of spice on the outside. The mac and cheese was incredibly creamy and the collard were good (but not as good as the ones we make!)

We were too stuffed to even consider dessert, but we had a great meal! Can't wait to go back!

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