Sunday, July 3, 2011

7/3/11-Soul de Cuba, New Haven, CT

I think Tom and I debated on where to have lunch today for two hours, but after much debate we made an excellent choice! We're trying to experience more of what New Haven has to offer and sometimes that can be difficult pricewise, so lunch is usually a better option for us. Many places that we came up with and wanted to try were closed on Sundays for lunch but thankfully this was not.

I've experimented with a Cubano burger from a Bobby Flay cookbook, but sadly I've never had the real deal--that was all about to change today. This is probably one of the tiniest restaurants we've ever been to, with just a handful of tables in a brightly decorated dining room, adorned with family photos, artwork, even framed cigar labels (because, let's be honest, when you think of Cuba you think of cigars!). Our waiter was on the quiet side, but very efficient. Water glasses were brought right over and Tom also ordered a beer (Cristal, from Peru). We decided on the chicken empanadas to start--hot, flaky dough with chopped chicken, peppers served with a side of mango salsa--these were so good, perfectly cooked and the salsa was a nice accompaniment. Onto our bocadillos! Tom had the Soul Cubano--serrano ham, manchego cheese (fresh cut--bit of rind on the edges!), salami, roast pork with a cilantro and roasted garlic aioli on the pressed bread--I was told I was only getting one bite of his sandwich, that's how much he enjoyed it! I went the traditional route and had the Cubano--ham, roast pork, swiss cheese, salami, pickles, mayo and mustard on the pressed bread--the amazing flavor of the pork took this sandwich by storm, along with the mustard and the nice crunch of the pickle. Both of our sandwiches were seriously amazing and we left completely satisfied, two new fans of Cuban food! Tom definitely wants to come back and try their dinners and you would definitely want to make reservations if you are looking to try this place!

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Dee said...

WILL NEVER GO BACK. DISCRIMINATION!!! I went to Soul de Cuba Cafe for lunch with a friend this week. As we looked around everyone's food looked good although we never had the opportunity to taste any. The server would not come over to our table to serve us. Everyone in the restaurant had food and drinks. After a little more than 10 minutes we realized we were not welcome and decided to leave. There was no reason not to serve us unless African-Americans are just not welcome. It is extraordinarily unfortunate that discrimination at this level is prevelant in New Haven. I have rarely had these types of experiences in life and I found this very disturbing.