Monday, May 16, 2011

4/23/11-Taste Restaurant & Lounge, North Haven, CT

We hadn't heard much about this place, but we had a deal and it's not too far from us, so we popped in on this dreary Saturday night. The space is small but beautifully decorated with gorgeous paintings of dress mannequins done by the waitress we had tonight! Her talent is astounding and it is wonderful that she is able to showcase her work (and sell it).

We started with the pork potstickers, served with a ponzu dipping sauce--the sauce was lovely, really complimented the potstickers, nicely plated as well. Then for our entrees--we both chose pasta dishes, which unfortunately I cannot remember the description of--however, I do remember that we both enjoyed our dishes and the main point we walked away with from Taste was portion size--everything was perfectly portioned and we left feeling satisfied and craving dessert instead of overstuffed and unable to move! This place is worth a look if you're in the area and unsure of where to go.

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