Monday, May 16, 2011

5/14/11-Laskara, Wallingford, CT

Admittedly, we've been avoiding this place. Tom's parents had been here a few years ago and didn't particularly care for the place so we put it off. Tonight, however, I didn't make the plans--we celebrated Kelly's bachelorette here and I'd say it was a nice dining experience.

We all started with a round of martinis and other assorted alcoholic beverages (I don't know why I keep trying martinis, I think it is because I hope I'll like them someday but I really just don't care for the straight up vodka taste). We did not order apps because we had some at our previous location, so on to our entrees--I could not even begin to remember what everyone had but it will suffice to say everyone seemed to enjoy what they ordered. For myself, I figured I'd go with something different, something Mediterranean considering that is the cuisine they are known for, so I ordered the special--Pastichata (slow cooked veal over rigatoni in a plum tomato sauce)--Melissa ordered the same and we both felt that the veal was very "beefy" in taste, not at all what we expected, however the dish was enjoyable. Dinners came with family-style bread and salad as well. We were all full and didn't order dessert but the staff came out with a complimentary piece of baklava--I was so excited to have this and I now am making it my mission this summer to attempt it because it was so good!

Overall, the evening was a success! Kudos to Melissa for planning a lovely evening for the bride-to-be!

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