Saturday, December 6, 2008

12/5/08-Angelico's Lake House, East Hampton, CT

With a gift certificate in hand, off we went to Angelico's Lake House. Right on Lake Pocotopaug in East Hampton, I can understand the draw of this restaurant--I bet it is beautiful in the summertime. We started with the asian chicken tenders tossed in an orange sesame glaze--very good. Warm crusty bread was brought out with a red pepper/garlic infused olive oil for dipping-nice and spicy. For our dinners, we both started with caesar salads with just the right amount of dressing. My entree was the Mesquite Rubbed Pork Chop--"Double bone pork chop, fire grilled with garlic mashed potatoes, char-grilled pineapple & topped with a smokey BBQ glaze"--Although I liked the flavor of the pork itself, I didn't quite get the BBQ sauce on top and I really think that more of a teryaki based sauce would have worked better, especially since it is served with pineapple. Tom had the NY Strip Steak--"A well-marbled steak grilled to perfection, served with garlic mashed potatoes & fresh vegetable medley"--definitely not up to par with the strip steaks we've had, it was very tough to cut and the flavor was just not there.

For the prices, I was pretty disappointed with how dinner turned out. I'd be willing to give the restaurant another try--maybe in the summertime for lunch, so I could enjoy the view and still hang on to my wallet.

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Theresa said...

I feel the same way about Angelico's, but you are right, in the summer it's beautiful to sit there for lunch.