Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3/19/11-Haveli India, Middletown, CT

Our first Indian food experience! We've always been intrigued by Indian food but at the same time, overwhelmed and not sure what to try. Prior to this, all I've had were vegetable samosas and naan that my former co-worker used to bring in. Luckily, Tom's friend Brian and his wife, Priya, are well versed in the cuisine (Priya's family is from India)--so who better to take us on our first try?

It is hard for me to describe Indian food. It is so different from what we've had, yet similar in some ways. The spice/heat is not anything like what I anticipated (then again, I've developed quite the tolerance for heat) but the flavors are truly amazing. Instead of going into detail about the flavors of the dishes, I will just go ahead and say the things that I tried were honestly delicious and I would definitely return, knowing a little bit more about the cuisine--I just don't think I can do it justice trying to describe the experience!

Priya ordered for us--we started with Lamb Samosas and Vegetarian Pakora. For our entrees, she suggested that we have the Chef's special--complete Indian dinner--an excellent choice because it really gave us an idea of all the different dishes, in little containers for tasting. It contained--*Choice of Soup *Samosa*Piece of Tandoori Chicken *Seekh Kebab *Lamb Curry*Saag Paneer*Dal, Raita, Rice, Papad, Onion Chutney *Choice of Bread (poori or Naan) Dessert, and Tea or Coffee.

Overall, a great first experience! By the end, we felt much more comfortable and I'm happy to say we enjoyed it so much that we look forward to having Indian again!


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