Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10/6/12-Sakura Garden, Glastonbury, CT

Tom and I came here for my birthday dinner. When we arrived, we opted to go with regular seating versus hibachi tables and was brought to a lovely, modern dining room. You could watch the sushi chefs at work nearby, which was neat.

For appetizer, we got the beef negimaki, which looked like sushi! Thin beef strips that were rolled around a bunch of scallions and coated in teryaki sauce--really interesting, nicely plated and pretty tasty! Tom was excited to order sushi, so he got an eel roll and a shrimp tempura roll--he enjoyed both and voiced that he could definitely eat another roll. Instead I let him finish my entree, which was Yaki Soba. My noodles were ok, but not very exciting. I felt that they lacked in flavor and I've definitely had better.

We opted to skip dessert, as I had some awesome cupcakes waiting for us at home. We had an overall OK experience and if we came here again, we'd go for the hibachi.


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