Sunday, September 9, 2012

9/7/12-Colony Grill, Avon, CT

Out with Jill & Cory tonight to try this pizza joint that has made its way north from Stamford. I have been to the original Stamford location and I love it. This new incarnation, however, it completely different. The interior is spacious, clean and modern, versus the wooden, worn-down Irish feel that Stamford has. I was absolutely delighted that while we were waiting for our booth to be ready, the owner came over to greet us and tell us about the restaurant, specials and what to expect. He also highlighted the additional menu options that Stamford does not have, such as buffalo wings.

When we were seated, we waited a few minutes for a server to come over. A girl came over, only to find out that we weren't her table and she told us how the new hostess was "running them ragged", but graciously took our drink order and offered to find our server--very nice of her. Our actual server came over, confirmed the drink order and took our food order. We decided to start with the chili covered nachos--nice flavor on the chili, decent serving size. I let everyone know that the pizzas were one size and we should plan to get a few since they are thin crust. We went with: sausage and hot oil; bacon; meatball. Of  course, the sausage/hot oil is and was my favorite, with that signature oil giving the pizza a little bit of a kick. The bacon and meatball were also good, no complaints here.

Another thing to note--after noticing that we were emptying our glasses faster than she could refill them, our server brought us pitchers--really nice touch, appreciated by all of us.

Overall, the four of us had a nice evening and although Colony can't replace my love for New Haven pizza, it is a decent replacement when in the Stamford or Avon area!

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