Sunday, August 5, 2012

8/4/12-Willimantic Brewing Company, Willimantic, CT

After hearing about this restaurant/brewery for some time now, we finally got out this way to stop in. What a beautiful space! I would never have thought a restaurant would work so well in an old post office, but they really pull it off while keeping a lot of the old charms.

Service was very friendly and helpful. I am not a beer person, but the waitress brought over two samples for me to try and I ended up going with their Cream Ale--smooth and light. Tom went with the Workingman's Wheat, and he enjoyed that.

On to the food! The nachos should really come with a disclaimer, or at the very least, a suggestion that you should have 4 people or so with you. The plate was absolutely monstrous!  We made this suggestion to our waitress--and then she told us that a man had come in last week and ate the whole thing by himself (gross, believe me).

I didn't want to even think about more food when our sandwiches arrived. I had the Beer Tap Beef Sandwich (thin sliced steak, swiss and balsamic-beer glazed onion)--I felt that the sandwich was a bit on the dry side and it could have used either a sauce or au jus on the side. Tom had the Brooklyn Buffalo Chicken Wrap--the wrap was so messy, with the sauce dribbling out the bottom.. It would have been better if the chicken was breaded so the hot sauce could stick to it. Both sandwiches came with huge steak fries in your choice of flavors.

Overall, decent bar food and house brewed beer. I am sure this is the hot spot to be on the weekend or at happy hour and can see why it is so popular!

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