Monday, May 7, 2012

5/5/12-First and Last Tavern, Middletown, CT

Prime location in downtown Middletown, make sure you bring some quarters for the meters! We decided to come here on this Saturday night to avoid the Cinco de Mayo crowd down the street and we had a nice dinner.

We were seated quickly and the host brought over their signature bread to start--I could just eat this and be happy, the spices on it are amazing. Our waitress wasn't friendly at all--it was early, so she wasn't super busy or anything like that. When she came over to the table, she didn't introduce herself, just mentioned that she'd bring some water and asked what we wanted to order--OK then, no specials or small talk, I guess. Right down to business, we ordered a pizza with meatball and bacon and the First and Last wings to share. The wings came out first--they are described as being tossed in garlic and Italian spices, but the wings have a dry rub on it and it is much much spicier than anticipated! We do enjoy hot and spicy, so we enjoyed the wings. The pizza came out shortly after that--I am glad we went with the meatball, it arrived piping hot and was so tasty (it made for great leftovers cold the next day!). Service was quick and we were out of there in no time. My big complaint is that they packaged the half leftover pizza in a paper bag--they can't spare a pizza box? Not the most convenient way to transport leftover pizza, but it made the trip home nonetheless. Great place to bring the family for standard Italian fare--the pizza is good too, just a bit pricey compared to your local pizza shop.

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