Monday, May 7, 2012

5/4/12-Arch Street Tavern, Hartford, CT

Came here for lunch with my clinical group to celebrate the last day of school EVER! I've never been here before but it was relatively easy to find with on and off street free parking (in Hartford? awesome!). Walking in, one of my classmates commented that it smelled like church--I wouldn't know, but it definitely has a worn and broken in feel to it--according to the website, the building was originally the Hartford Brick Carriage Factory, built in 1895, so yeah, it has some years on it. We sat at a big long wooden table in the middle of the restaurant and drinks all around were ordered--the Cabana for me--as we toasted to our final semester coming to an end.

The menu is a limited, no fuss, bar menu with the usual suspects--burgers, salads, sandwiches and wings. I went with the chicken caesar wrap--the waitress mentioned that it came with potato chips but for an additional $1.75, I could swap to french fries. For me, this was kinda off-putting, but I went with the fries so I could share with a classmate (they were nothing exciting, save your money and stick with the chips!). The wrap itself was good, especially because I asked to have mine with the cajun chicken to give it a little extra kick. Karolina had the buffalo chicken salad--at first glance, she was disappointed that the chicken just had a bit of buffalo sauce poured on it instead of the chicken being coated in it, but after a few bites, she said it was enjoyable. A cup of house chili, an apple gorgonzola salad and a burger were among some of the dishes ordered at the rest of our table, with no major complaints noted.

Overall, it was a nice lunch with the girls and a great way to end the semester, as this was one of the last times I'll see some of them--thanks for a great clinical experience! As a side note, considering the other choices that Hartford has to offer, and the fact that the food here just isn't that exciting, I'd go somewhere else first. This is more of a place to hang out at the bar after work and drink or to go hear some live music on the weekends, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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