Sunday, March 11, 2012

3/10/12-ANOHO Asian Noodle House, Middletown, CT

I truly had high hopes for this place. Having been to some other great Asian restaurants, it would have been nice if this place was good, but it really was average at best.

We went to dinner a bit early and were quickly seated. Water glasses were filled and Tom and I quickly decided what we wanted to try. We started with the hot & sour soup--I've never had this soup, so I have nothing to compare it to. I found the soup to be on the thick side, almost slightly gelatinous; however, the flavor was pretty good. We then split the Chengdu dumplings with a spicy sauce--the dumplings were very thin and slippery, instantly tearing when grabbed with chopsticks. The sauce was a peanut base, not spicy at all, but complimented the pork filled dumplings nicely. Onto our entrees--since this is a noodle house, we both did the create-your-own noodle dishes. I had the chow fun noodles with szechuan sauce and chicken--the portion size was excellent,  and this dish finally had some heat to it (not overpowering, definitely doable). Tom had the udon noodles with the szechuan sauce and beef--the noodles were nice and he had the same feelings on the sauce but overall, we've had better.

Service was very confusing and spotty, as all three staff members working in the dining room took care of all the tables together, which didn't work so well. Overall, a very average experience, however, the prices are very good for the area. We wouldn't go out of our way to return here, as there are better options a short drive away to fill our craving for noodles.

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