Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/1/12-The Chicken Joint, Berlin, CT

Out for a late lunch with my favorite medic, Rick. He mentioned that he was looking for a good fried chicken place and was wondering if I had been here--since I had not, off we went!

This place is in an old dance club and you can definitely tell from the moment you walk in the door. The new owners haven't done much to change that, with the disco ball still hanging and the dining room sparsely decorated. We had the place to ourselves, so our waitress told us to sit wherever we wanted and to take our time. We both decided to get the 4-piece Southern Fried Chicken--the chicken was reasonably priced, came out piping hot and was pretty good. It was juicy on the inside with that salty, crispy outside that you know and love. Rick was disappointed that they were out of the mac n cheese wedges, with our waitress telling us that they have been waiting for a shipment of those and the sweet corn fritters for a while now--hearing that disappoints me, now knowing that they don't make these sides themselves in-house. I also ordered 2 biscuits for us, which were hard and tough, so they were probably previously frozen or old (sad....I do love a good biscuit!).

I brought home 2 dozen wings as well (had a groupon to use up!) so I selected the garlic parmesan and the buffalo for Tom--considering he ate the whole dozen of the garlic parmesan for lunch the next day, I'd say they must have been good.

Overall, the place has a weird location and vibe to it, but the chicken is pretty damn good and since they are called "The Chicken Joint", they are, at the very least, living up to that!

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