Monday, February 13, 2012

2/11/12-Barcelona, West Hartford, CT

Ohh, Barcelona--it was love at first bite.

It would be an understatement to say that I've been dying to come here. To my excitement, I was out of work on time and able to join Tom in a dinner celebration for his friend's surprise birthday dinner. Kudos to his lovely wife on the great choice! The restaurant was beyond packed when we arrived and it stayed that way throughout the night, with people crowded around the bar, no doubt indulging in the famous sangria or the Spanish wines. I myself enjoyed a glass of wine, although I couldn't tell you which one it was! The ambiance is perfect for spending time with friends--from the dark wooden decor with modern artistic accents to the music coursing through the place.

After we were all settled into our table, the hard decisions began--what to order, what to try? Tom and I settled on five of the tapas plates to share--Duckfat potatoes, Chorizo with sweet and sour figs, Gambas al ajillo, Chicken empanadas and  Hangar steak--ohh my goodness, all so good. I couldn't pick a favorite dish if I tried! We also got to try bites from our friends dishes, such as the Papas Bravas, and warm crusty bread was brought to the table with dishes of olive oil. Self-control is definitely a necessity when dining here because I think we all could have just kept ordering dishes all night long.

With a meal like this, how could you not order dessert? I went with the Crepas Salguero--heavenly, light and artfully prepared (however, I did have a bite of the Warm chocolate hazelnut indulgence and was immediately jealous!).

I would eat here all the time if it was possible--and with locations in Stamford, Greenwich, Fairfield, New Haven, SoNo and even one it Atlanta (that's for you, Jason), I'll be hard-pressed to stay away. I cannot recommend a place more highly than this one--from the amazing drinks, fantastic food and attentive service, you cannot go wrong.

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