Saturday, January 7, 2012

1/1/12-Pantanal Restaurant & Churrascaria, Bridgeport, CT

New Year, New Experiences!

Even though I work in the Bridgeport area, I don't end up there very often during the lunch hour. With today being a holiday, I wasn't even sure what would be open. Thankfully, my partner mentioned that he knew of a Brazilian place just up the street that had great food--I'm in! This place is in a residential area of town, and it has a great buffet available everyday for cheap! I sampled a few items for my quick lunch including plantains, chiffonade greens with pork cracklins, cut watermelon, rice, and the carver sliced me a few pieces of chicken wrapped in bacon, steak and sausage--everything was so good, with the meat made that day rotating on spits behind the carver, cut to order.

If you are in the area and not sure what to eat, I'd recommend giving this place a go!

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