Monday, December 12, 2011

12/2/11-Pagliacci's, Plainville, CT

I couldn't even make a guess at how many times I've been to this establishment over the years. When I was a kid, this was the go-to place for our family when we went out for dinner, which was fairly rare. I haven't been here in a number of years, but I was glad to see that everything was just as I remembered it.

A popular local Italian joint, the portions are big enough to feel a small army, while staying delicious and lovingly crafted at the same time. Dinner started with their fresh baked bread and garlic sticks--lucky for us, they'll bring you more so you don't have to fight over them! Then came our salads--house for Tom, caesar for me. For our entrees, I stressed to Tom that Pagiliacci's makes some of their own cuts of pasta in house (a rarity!) and suggested that whatever he order, he have their housemade pasta; with that in mind, he went for his usual standby, white clam sauce over housemade spaghetti--he couldn't even come close to finishing this dish, but he enjoyed every bite he put down! I always seem to get a "baked" dish here, so I went with the Baked Ravioli with a side of sausage--the raviolis are no joke! They are the size of a small paperback book, made in house and covered in sauce and cheese--soooo good.

It was good to be back and see that they are just as busy as ever! I won't wait as long for our next visit!

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Ryan and Shelley said...

So funny that you just posted this.. I went here for the first time a couple months ago (believe it or not!) and we've been back a couple times.. but some friends of ours just moved here from Montana and we're going out to dinner on Friday and I suggested Pagliacci's... for all of the reasons you listed! Garlic bread, homemade pasta and huge portions!!