Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/16/11-Valencia Luncheria, Norwalk, CT

Ethnically-based food always seems to be inexpensive and comes in large portions--Valencia Luncheria is no exception. A small, unassuming place along Main St. in Norwalk, you may not even give it a second look driving by if it wasn't for the yellow-painted exterior and blue awnings.

My partner and I were posted in the Norwalk area for the day and with the guidance of my smartphone was led to this place. It is very small with only a few tables that were all full, even at midday on a Sunday. I love good Spanish food and knew right away what I wanted to try. This place is known for their arepas (which is a Venezuelan handmade corn cake fried or skillet roasted stuffed with your choice of fillings)--my filling choices were easy--Pernil (Venezuelan pork roast) and the "Zach" (chicken and honey). My partner had the "Chef", filled with meat and jalapenos. We got our orders to go, as is the nature of the business I'm in and found a place to eat. First thing I noticed is how greasy it was--there was a small pool of grease in the bottom of the wax bag the arepa was wrapped in, so a little napkin-blotting was necessary. As I took a bite, the corn cake was soft and chewy with a slightly sweet taste--the pernil was delicious and moist, while the "Zach" was a perfect compliment to the arepa with the honey! These were so filling that I wasn't able to finish both of them!

An excellent place to stop for a quick and filling lunch, totally worth it--remember to bring cash, no credit accepted here.

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