Sunday, December 12, 2010

12/12/10-Uno's Chicago Grill, Milford, CT

The last time I was at an Uno's was when they were in the Westfarms Mall.....remember how long ago that was? Easily 10 years ago.....Kirstin, didn't we go there when we first started working together? Tom has never been and after seeing enough Travel Channel specials on the best pizzas and knowing that we're not going to Chicago anytime soon to get the original stuff, this'll have to do.

Oh god. I just looked at the nutrition information AFTER dining there. Don't look.

Although they surprisingly have a very extensive menu, we came for one reason--deep dish pizza. We started with the Wings 3 Ways--asian, honey bbq and Wowza sauce--nice flavors on the boneless wings (a surprising hint of peanut with the asian wing sauce!) but they might have been a bit overdone (very tough on the outside and yes I know, probably pre-cooked). For our deep dish experience, we shared a pepperoni and sausage pie. It came out piping hot and cheesy goodness. The best part (and the only reason, in my opinion, why you should ever stray from New Haven style pizza) is the crust--it has a buttery, pastry like taste and texture to it. This is one pizza crust I guarantee you won't leave on the plate when you're done.

Overall, a nice lunch outing on a rainy day. Our waitress was attentive and pleasant and the manager even came over to see how everything was--a rarity these days. Don't worry, I'm not straying from my roots--Wooster St. will always have my heart.

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