Monday, November 22, 2010

11/21/10- Wood-n-Tap, Southington, CT

Met up with Kirstin to get a bite since I didn't get a chance at work! I've been avoiding Wood-n-Tap because last time I was here years ago, the menu was very limited (and also, because of crappy bar service at their other restaurant TD Homer's for my little sister's birthday). I am happy to say, they have definitely expanded their dining options. However, I wasn't able to try some of their more intriguing dishes as it was very late and they were only serving appetizers. Tom and I both had chicken tenders (I know, how original) and it was a good portion, with fries, for a decent price. Kirstin suggested that we also get the Tap Room Fries--Light and crisp sweet potato fries topped with sugar maple icing and served with a honey dijon dipping sauce--I was skeptical, but they were so good! The contrast of the sweet icing and the savory taste of the honey dijon worked for me. She also enjoyed the Oven-Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli--wrapped in sage pasta with parmesan cheese, served in a brown butter and sage cream--it looked good!

Alright, Wood-n-Tap, you have my attention. I'll be back again

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