Sunday, October 24, 2010

10/24/10-Confetti's, Plainville, CT

Out with my parents tonight for a better-late-than-never birthday dinner. In choosing a restaurant to dine at with my parents, I need to be careful--most ethnics foods are out and anything more than a few miles away can be frowned upon, but I am easily bored with the usual Southington dining options. In trying to think outside of the Southington box, but not too far, I remember that I've passed Confetti's on a number of occasions and always thought to myself, "I wonder how that place is....?" Luckily for me, tonight we got to find out.

Dinner started with our lovely waitress bringing our drinks and some fresh bread from the oven--nice and crusty, perfectly done. Salads then accompanied our dinners (mine with a nice house balsamic vinaigrette) and soon thereafter, the entrees arrived. Mom ordered the crab stuffed sole with a lobster sauce, served with rice and veggies--she said she enjoyed it. Dad had the filet mignon with an onion tower, served with mashed potatoes and veggies--he commented that his filet was cooked perfectly as ordered (medium rare) and that even the vegetables were nicely cooked with a nice light sauce on them, not neglected as they sometimes are in restaurants (Mom then commented that she would have liked more vegetables, but then again, my mom would eat veggies for dessert if you let her). Tom ordered one of the evening's specials, the prime rib, served with mashed potatoes and veggies--when his plate arrived, he was excited to see that he had been given an end cut and a very large portion, also mentioned that it was cooked to his liking (medium). I had the penne vodka salsiccia--very nice taste to this dish, I enjoyed the addition of the sausage and this was also a very large portion!

Overall, dinner was enjoyed by everyone. Collectively, we agreed that we were pleasantly surprised by the nice atmosphere, service and good food. I'd say that we'll be back for another occasion in the future.

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