Monday, August 23, 2010

8/6-8/8/10-Blairstown, NJ

Little mini vaca after 10 weeks of intense summer classes! Went to Jill's dad's house and had a great time!

The highlights:

Breakfast sandwiches from The Dog House in Blairstown--our first experience with Taylor ham/pork roll. It's like a cross between ham and sausage, good stuff (it's probably still in my arteries).

Thai food in Warren County, PA. I wish I could remember the name of the damn place--it was tiny, but the food was good!

NJ State Fair. Semi-scary people, awful petting zoo (poor animals!) and fair food galore. Jill insisted we try the ribbon chips (or as she called them, spiral spuds. I think that's got a better ring to it). If they weren't soggy, I would have enjoyed them more.

White Castle. Clearly this was Tom's highlight of the trip. Those little burgers are still taking up room in my freezer.

It was a fun trip, overall. Got sunburned, made s'mores over the fire pit, listened to the cicadas and wolves at night and remembered what it was like to have a life and relax for a bit.....then back to reality!

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