Monday, August 23, 2010

8/1/10-Morton's Steakhouse, Hartford, CT

Welcome back, Taste of Hartford! A great time of the year in which I am able to try places in the city I normally wouldn't dine at, all for a fantastic price! This year, Sheri joined me and we went to Morton's--didn't think I'd ever have the opportunity to eat at this pricey joint, but soooo glad I did!

The original plan was to go with the $20.10 menu but Morton's was smart--they had another great deal going for two people, which we ended up doing. Both Sheri and I started with the classic caesar salad--a perfectly dressed salad, not too heavy or too light, with a prominent peppery bite to it; we also were given a huge loaf of their house baked bread to enjoy, which was crusty and warm. For our entrees, we both enjoyed a single cut filet mignon (rare for Sheri, medium for myself--and both cooked expertly to our liking) and we also got to share a few sides--grilled jumbo asparagus with a balsamic glaze (why haven't I tried roasting asparagus before?! excellent!); colossal shrimp alexander (with a delicate lemon butter sauce, these things were HUGE! and quite good); broiled sea scallops wrapped in bacon (who doesn't like things wrapped in bacon?); and our favorite--lyonnaise potatoes (cooked with onions in bacon grease, which coincidentally I believe is Sheri's new favorite cooking ingredient! haha).

As if all of this wasn't enough, this deal also came with excellent dessert selections. Sheri chose the key lime pie--tart and sweet at the same time and a great portion size! I chose the Morton's legendary hot chocolate cake--oh my heavens, if I could have bathed in this cake, I think I would have--moist, warm and so delectable, this is a must try. The only thing remotely disappointing about this meal was the coffee--nothing special! Other than that, everything was as amazing as described--well worth every bite. Sheri--can we go back soon? Even if it's just dessert!

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