Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5/15/10-Chinese Mirch, Stamford, CT

I was excited at the prospect of a new, buzzed-about restaurant to try while working in the city, so I stopped by to grab a takeout menu during the day. Their tagline is "Chinese Food, Indian Flavors", so I was definitely intrigued.

I called in my order--Chicken Hot Garlic (chicken in a crushed garlic & chili sauce). This was an a la carte item so it came just as it said, no rice or noodles to accompany it. The dish came in a plastic takeout container--for the listed price of $12.50, it was not worth the price. The portion did not match the price, the dish was not that hot and spicy (menu listed it at 3 out of 3 stars) and it was basically just diced chicken in a soupy orange colored sauce. They included a baggie of fried noodles and 3 sauce containers, but no utensils.

Understanding that this place is brand new, I understand they will have kinks to work out (the credit card machine was not working, forcing me to go to the ATM, take cash out, get charged a $4.25 withdrawl fee and then come back to only have their machine working--at least they gave me 25% off the bill). I would say that maybe in the future if a coworker wanted to try it, I'd tag along, but there are a ton of other restaurants in the Stamford area that deserve my attention.

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