Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4/23/10-East West Grille, West Hartford, CT

Jill was all alone for the evening and asked Tom and I to go out with her to her new favorite Thai restaurant--can't turn that down! East West Grille is in an old diner, which is strange but kinda kitchy, with the decorations and whatnot. Speaking of the decorations--there were hats that were atop the posts of the booths and they were covered in cobwebs--it was gross and creepy. Also, they could use some real shades because we were absolutely blinded by the setting sun!

We were all starving so we started with a few appetizers--thai calamari, which was absolutely deliciously different, basted in a sweet chili sauce; we also had the crispy spring rolls, which had a nice crunch and dipping sauce with it. For our entrees, we waited quite a while, almost too long. I had the drunken noodles, my go to dish when trying any new Thai place--the dish was very nicely presented, not too spicy (I wouldn't have minded it hotter) but the portions were smaller than I expected. Tom had the pad radna, which he enjoyed--it had an almost soup-like presentation. Jill had the pad thai which she always enjoys. Overall, for Tom and I, not a terrible experience, certainly better than a few places we've been to, but can't say we're clamoring to go back.

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