Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4/17/10-El Charrito Taco Truck, Stamford, CT

I know, I'm a bit behind on blogging. I have been so swamped with work and school that I barely have time to breathe! I digress.....

So, on this lovely Saturday, I was working in Stamford and my partner mentioned that he was looking for some good Mexican food. After doing a little investigating, I was pointed towards the El Charrito truck. Having a few minutes of downtime right around lunch, we headed to that side of town. The truck is pretty easy to spot, considering it's bright yellow and there's usually a few people milling around, eating their lunch or waiting for their orders. A lovely woman took my order and said it would be a few minutes. They have all the basics--tacos, burritos, tortas, hamburgers and hotdogs (but why would you want those when you can have authentic Mexican food?!). My partner ordered a steak burrito (huge!) and 2 steak tacos. I had 3 tacos--one chorizo, one pollo, one carne adobada--they were all fresh and delicious, double tortillas, garnished with onion and cilantro and a lime wedge to squeeze over it. We also got a few sides of their hot sauce which wasn't too bad, but the heat did sneak up on you after a while! The food came out pretty fast, which is important to us when we are working on the road, transporting patients--most restaurant personnel are aware of that when we stop to get food somewhere in uniform that we need it fairly quickly, never know when our next call is coming!

I implore you, do not be scared or hesitant to eat food off of a truck. A few people have made comments about this when I mentioned where I had lunch and the stereotypes about it are just incorrect, especially in this case. Give this a shot! You won't find nicer people or better authentic Mexican in Stamford, guaranteed.

The truck parks on Richmond Hill Ave. across from Beamer's Cafe in Stamford

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