Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4/13/10-Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Middletown, CT

Mid-week out to dinner treat! Tom had been talking about having burgers at some point this week so when he mentioned going out for dinner, I was happy to oblige his burger craving and his curiosity about this new chain. Very bright on the inside with the red and white theme playing through the whole space, accented with huge bags of potatoes by the entrance and boxes of peanuts for self-service.

We got in the line to order and we both ordered one burger and fries--mine were Cajun, his were regular fries. I found an open table and snagged it while Tom waited for our number to be called. Your food comes in a brown paper bag, regardless of whether or not you eat in or take out. Service was very quick and efficient. Burgers came as double patties, which we didn't expect, but it wasn't a bad surprise--unfortunately, they only cook the burgers well-done. I understand that is done for health reasons, but I do prefer mine pink in the middle. I would say that it is a better fast food burger than other national chains, but it was just as greasy and bad for me, I'm sure of that. In the bag was a cup that held our fries but there almost wasn't a point of even having a cup for them since the servers just took a handful and chucked it into the bag on top of filling the cup, leaving the grease from the fries to come right through the bag. We agreed that my cajun fries were good but it would have been nice if the seasoning was distributed more evenly.

I understand that they grind the meat fresh everyday and they use fresh cut potatoes, not frozen--while I applaud them for that, it translates to high prices for mediocre food (my stomach is not liking me this morning). It was a decent quick stop and I'm glad we gave it a shot but ultimately, I'll stick with the non-chain restaurants for our burger fixes.

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