Monday, March 8, 2010

3/6/10-Carson's, Newington, CT

We were a bit sad to see Hops go (love their honey drizzled croissants!) but we were very happy to see how well Carson's is doing. We arrived fairly late, due to my work schedule and were seated promptly. Tom was excited to try their in-house brewed beers and ordered the Carson's Light--said that it had a great flavor and went down smooth. I am not a beer person, but my Tropical Breeze was fruity.

For an appetizer, we had the calamari and it was hot and plentiful--got a really nice portion for the price. As for our entrees, I was really hoping to have their baby back ribs, but they were out of them, so I went with the Pulled Pork Sandwich, topped with french fried onions and a side of garlic fries--the sandwich was excellent, not over-sauced like some places but my fries must have been the bottom of a batch because, while they were VERY garlicky, they were also soggy. Tom had the petite sirloin and shrimp with a side of garlic fries. He was very happy with everything he had (and incidentally, his garlic fries were not soggy like mine).

We were far too stuffed to have desserts, especially since we had leftovers to take home! Service was friendly and everything went well. I can safely say we will be more than happy to return!

No website, located on the Berlin Tpke. in Newington.

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Andrea said...

OH my!! I love pulled pork. I was actually thinking of making some this week. It's one of the ultimate comfort foods. I like the sounds of this restaurant- thanks for a great review!!