Monday, March 15, 2010

3/13/10-Savin Rock Roasting Company, Stratford, CT

We were out in Stratford getting my car looked at and we decided to grab a quick lunch before getting our other errands done. Savin Rock Roasting Company has an excellent location on Ferry Rd. right before the bridge in Stratford with lovely views of the water and nice outdoor deck--not too nice for the constant downpour we had on Saturday! It was very large inside, with 2 bars and plenty of tables and the decor was quite nice--would be a nice place to come hang out in the summertime!

Our server was pleasant and helpful--I couldn't decide what to order between the Chicken Monte or the Beef & Cheddar sandwiches (such a large menu!) and she recommended the Chicken Monte--grilled chicken layered with ham, cheese, tomato and honey mustard, griddled. Her choice was excellent and with the added side of their french fries, it rounded it all out--you could tell their fries were freshly made, even better with a side of the honey mustard that graced my sandwich. Tom was in the mood for fish and chips, so he had a half order of the fresh scrod--he very much enjoyed the fact that there was a very nice portion, served with both tartar sauce and cocktail sauce and a side of coleslaw and french fries.

We both enjoyed our lunches and agreed that we'd like to return, especially when the weather is nicer! (For those who know Stratford, this is the old Harborside--they have a big Grand Opening sign on the building--check 'em out!)

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