Monday, March 15, 2010

3/13/10-Big Daddy's Diner, NYC, NY

Road Trip to NYC!

We probably came to the city on the worst weather day of the year, really, especially considering the way the buildings funnel the wind and rain! At any rate, we had a few hours to kill before going to our final destination so we decided to grab dinner after snagging a parking spot a few blocks away. There was a bit of construction outside of the building (go figure) but inside was a retro-feel diner with tons of corporate logos adorning the walls.

Even if we don't plan on it, Tom and I usually end up splitting our dishes and today was no exception. As soon as he saw my order, he wanted half and I was more than happy to oblige when I saw what he got! I had the Jackie Brown-roast beef, melted Vermont cheddar, caramelized onions and bbq sauce on rustic ciabatta--I am pretty sure this was one of the messiest sandwiches ever but overall it wasn't bad, a bit too salty for my taste and didn't really care for the bbq sauce that was used. Tom had the Join the Club-roasted turkey, thick bacon, lettuce, tomatoes & herb mayo on toasted ciabatta--his sandwich was the clear winner for us. Dan had the Texas Tommy hot dog, covered in bacon and melted cheddar and spicy ketchup--it was huge! (that's what she said.) Jill had a burger with tater tots and coleslaw and a side of cheese for dipping--we're pretty sure the cheese was made with plastic by the looks of it. Everyone seemed pretty satisfied after our meal and we were ready for our trip back out in the rain to our destination. The unfortunate thing about the diner was the NYC prices--in CT, the same dishes would have been about $3-$4 cheaper. (we were at the East Side location)

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Anonymous said...

Your blog appeared in our "diner" Google blog search. This past weekend we took a road trip too, though beyond NY.
-Diner News and History staff