Monday, February 1, 2010

1/31/10-Blackie's Hot Dog Stand, Cheshire, CT

This is a CT landmark for hot dogs. I can't say I've ever stopped by in the winter but I was happy to make a return visit. This is a very casual place, perfect for the whole family. Tom and I stopped in on our way home--2 dogs for him, 1 for me. Great tasting hummel dogs, forgettable buns but it is not about the buns--it's about the relish. Their secret-recipe hot pepper relish is what keeps patrons coming back year after year since 1928. Tom and I are not really relish people but this is an exception because it is so different than the traditional. A quick, cheap lunch and we were back on the road. Visit here in the summer when the garage doors are open and people flock from miles around for a taste.

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