Friday, January 29, 2010

1/28/10-Hometown Pizza, Wallingford, CT

Tom said to me, "I just need a break, something new", so he suggested we go out for pizza tonight for dinner instead of cooking (translation: me cooking, him doing dishes). We had heard that Hometown Pizza had a great buffalo chicken pizza, so out in the snow we went. We were both pleasantly surprised at how nice it was inside and it wasn't too busy considering the weather. We decided to start with the mozzarella triangles so we could sample some of their marinara sauce (which was pretty good) and it was pretty neat--it was 4 very large triangles of mozzarella sandwiched in between 2 pieces of bread and fried--amazing! Is it wrong that I just want to go back and eat that?

On to the pizza--chunks of white chicken coated with buffalo wing sauce (most likely Frank's) with a light layer of the sauce over the pizza, covered in mozzarella and then globs of blue cheese sauce over all that. I am not a fan of blue cheese, so my half was without it (I'm tough, I can take the heat!). The pizza was different--not greasy at all and Tom commented that we got our pizza fix and our wing fix in one! Service was very fast and friendly and we had a lovely mid-week dinner out. It is nice to know that we have more decent pizza places in Wallingford than we originally anticipated--Hometown also offers a full italian dinner menu, so I'm sure we'll return to try something new (and get more mozzarella triangles).

No website, located on Rt. 150 in Wallingford.

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