Monday, January 4, 2010

1/2/10-Thai Gardens, Middletown, CT

Jill and Dan weren't thrilled with our last choice for Thai (Somewhere in Bangkok in Southington) so she suggested we try a place they usually go--Thai Gardens in Middletown. Although the food was ok, there was quite a few things that made it an undesirable experience.

First off, service seems a bit slow. It took a while for someone to come over and take our orders. For appetizers, Tom and I split the fried wontons, which were small but tasty. Jill and Dan split the crab rangoon, which they also enjoyed. Entree service was also slow and spotty-one dish at a time with a few minutes in between each one. Dan ordered the drunken noodles at a heat level of 3--it was unbelievably hot for a 3 and he sweat through the entire meal. Jill ordered the pad thai at a heat level of 2--while hers was not as hot as Dan's, it still seemed a bit more than is typical. Tom and I tried new dishes--Tom had the Basil Chicken, which he said took on an interesting flavor from the holy basil but overall he wasn't thrilled with the dish. I had the Oc Gai Dang-Deep fried chicken sliced and sautéed with hot and spicy sauce--I expected hot and got sweet with this dish--nearly no heat at all.

Overall, I found this place to be inconsistent and undesirable. There are better Thai places in the area, Tom and I don't plan on returning.

No website, located on Main & College St., Middletown. You can view the menu here.


Anonymous said...

We had the same experience there as you did .Hated it when we went alone . Then we went there for a party and there was a buffet ,,, the food was so good i wanted to take a nap next to it . We have yet to go back , but It was not a write off . Many of our friends love it . (btw ,have loved your blog for well over a year , congradulations on your wedding )

Lisa said...

Thanks for the kind words. It's nice to hear :)

Also, thanks for reading! Any Thai places you suggest? (or any other restaurants I should try?)

oome said...

I wish i knew ,, we work in restaurants so we never get to go out ,,lol. Sad but true . But LOVE reading about other places . when kids are involved it seems the only places we eat out at are Dennys and Friendlys :(

Michelle said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for this post, I used to love this place, but unfortunately it has gone downhill over the years. If you're ever in the Avon area, check out The Elephant Trail. The food is excellent!

Lisa said...

Thanks Michelle, I'll definitely put it on the list. I don't get up to Avon as much as I would like (I used to work in town at one of the restaurants years ago) but this will give me reason to!