Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1/16/10-Thai Food Express, Wallingford, CT

I know--I feel like all we've had lately is Thai food too! It's like we've been on a quest to find the best Thai in our area. This little place is a stone's throw away from us, so we got takeout for lunch and were pleasantly surprised. It is in a very nondescript building on Rt. 5--if you blink, you'll pass it--and inside, there are about 3 tables, though I don't think I would sit down inside to eat. Also, they are somehow related to the owners of Som Siam East, which I've heard very good things about, just haven't been (yet).

The menu has all the basics, with a few different items we haven't seen before. We started with the shumai--small purses of chicken and shrimp with a ginger dipping sauce--nice and tender. For our lunches, I had the drunken noodles (it's my go-to dish, as well as my barometer as to how good a place is) and I found it to have a good level of heat without being overpowering. Tom had the pad see ew, which he very much enjoyed-to me, it was just like the drunken noodles, minus the heat. In our takeout bag, there were 2 small containers that had an opaque mixture with corn and beans in it, never seen anything like it--it sorta tasted sweet, kinda indescribable, not sure what it was--if you have any idea, let us know!

The prices were very reasonable--with chicken in both our meals, it was $6.95 each and the portions were excellent for the price. We would both be more than happy to return--hopefully to try many more dishes that we would otherwise be apprehensive to try at higher prices.

No website, located on Rt. 5 in Wallingford.

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