Monday, October 19, 2009

10/17/09-Nick's Restaurant, West Swanzey, NH

Day trip to New Hampshire and on our way to the destination, we passed by this restaurant with a huge inflatable crab spread out covering the rooftop. Well, if that wasn't an attention grabber....from that moment, my sister's friend was hooked and insistent that we go to dinner there on the way home and so we did.

Nothing overly special about this place, average food at reasonable prices. Definitely not a place for a romantic date in my book, a casual outing would be more appropriate. We all started with the salads that accompanied our meals and rolls and butter (not in-house made). For the entrees: Justin had lazyman lobster--he felt he may have decided wrong because the portion seemed much smaller than what he normally pulls out of a lobster; Lauren had baked stuffed shrimp, which she enjoyed but was disappointed that they would not subsitute a side for a soup; Tom had baked stuff haddock (his stomach was not well, so he did not finish but said it was good); I had a strip steak-the grill hatch marks seemed fake, too perfect, which makes me wonder but alas, it was decent; all of our dishes except Lauren's was served with a potato side dish. A nice quick dinner but I think we'll seek out other options next time we're in the area.

No website, located on Rt. 10 close to Keene.

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