Sunday, September 27, 2009

9/25/09-Coyote Blue, Middletown, CT

Out to dinner with our friends Jeremy and Amanda and this time we tried Coyote Blue in Middletown. We sat in the bar area for about 45 minutes waiting for our table and had some drinks and chips and salsa while waiting--the salsa was pretty good and had a slight kick to it (had corn in it also--a tex-mex thing?). For entrees, we were all pretty satisfied--Amanda had chicken fajitas (I believe she enjoyed them), Jeremy had the West Texas beef burrito (it was huge and he polished the whole thing!), Tom had the Coyote combo (which he says was all-around pretty good) and I had the chicken enchiladas (not bad, but I do prefer mexican style with mole sauce over tex-mex).

Neat place, although tiny, with quite the western feel with the decor. Service was excellent in both the bar and dining area and prices are reasonable. My personal preference is for mexican though--not tex-mex--especially since we just got back from Mexico and I felt spoiled there with all sorts of great food! In all, we had a great time and can't wait to try another new place with them!

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