Sunday, August 9, 2009

8/7/09-BAR, New Haven, CT

It has been a few years since Tom and I were last here and we were more than happy to give it another go-around. We grabbed our seats immediately at a booth in the bar area and drinks were brought a few minutes after we sat--a vast improvement on our night thus far! Dan's first time here and he loved the feel of the place and we do too--a raucous, loud, neighborhood bar/pizza joint with a great crowd of people. I had heard good things about their mashed potato pizza and was curious about it and was glad the boys were willing to give it a shot, too. We ordered our usual pepperoni pizza and the mashed potato pizza the way the waitress recommended it--white pizza with mashed potato (garlic already included) and bacon! I am happy to report that it was a fantastic choice. The pizzas were nice and thin, black charred in spots on the bottom, crispy and very good overall. Tom admits that he was hesitant in trying the potato but is very glad he did and it is on his favorites list. The prices are also very reasonable, which is good for a couple of people on a budget.

Overall, great experience (and good cold leftover pizza the next day!) BAR also brews their own beer and turns into a club at night.

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