Tuesday, July 28, 2009

7/26/09-Durham Dari-Serv, Durham, CT

Summer is made for ice cream and this place just screams summertime to me! Long lines that move pretty quickly, good quality homemade ice cream and a cow statue out front! Tom had a chocolate milkshake and he said the consistency was just perfect, while I enjoyed their Moose Tracks ice cream on a cone--rich, creamy with just the right amount of fudge tracks and mini peanut butter cups swirled throughout. No doubt that we'll be making a few return visits before the season is over!

No website, located on Main St. in Durham.

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Ryan and Shelley said...

We love the Durham Dari-Serv! We just recently discovered it (though I swear I read about it on your blog, but maybe I was wrong).. and have been going every weekend! One night we were there with Ryan's parents and sisters and watched fireworks from Wallingford (I think).. we had a perfect view from the Dari-Serv parking lot!