Saturday, January 17, 2009

1/17/09-Hook & Ladder, Hartford, CT

I really do appreciate what this restaurant is doing for us emergency service workers by paying homage to what we do, but sad to say, they really need to work on the food! Tom and I grabbed dinner before heading out with friends and I started with the house special Ladder 54 martini, which was the best part of my meal! I then had the Sparky's Steak Special--6 oz. pepper encrusted steak served with mac & cheese--the steak was tiny, as stated, but good flavor but the mac & cheese was nothing remarkable. Tom had the Hoga Fish and Chips--Fresh beer battered cod, deep fried to a golden brown, served with fries & cole slaw--he cut into the piece of fish, then stated "Where's the fish?!" It was practically all fried batter! They also placed the fish on top of the fries, which then made them greasy and soggy. Overall, a big disappointment, from the taste to portion size and presentation, nothing was impressive. They were also out of key menu items such as hot dogs and the cornbread that was supposed to come with every dish--poor planning for a Saturday night service. The waitress was not very friendly or helpful (she got my order wrong and messed up the bill) and there were discontented patrons all around us--from an older couple who was seated before us and didn't get their burgers till after we were done with our meals to a party that had to keep getting the waitress to remind her of things that were wrong with their meals or forgotten. Skip this one, there's much better places to eat in Hartford.

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