Tuesday, September 16, 2008

9/14/08-99 Restaurant, Wallingford, CT

There had to be hope--this weekend's dinner outing was a bad experience, lunch on Sunday had to be better......right??

We went to 99 for a quick lunch before the list of Sunday errands that had to be done and wouldn't you know, it wasn't the best lunch around?! I know--we have been going to quite a few chain restaurants lately! Tom says we've spoiled ourselves--probably true. At any rate, we started with potato skins, which were quite tasty. Then I had the pick-a-pair lunch combo of 1/2 caesar salad and 1/2 roast beef & cheddar dip--salad was fine but the sandwich? there was literally one piece of roast beef (I looked). While I'm not looking for the meat to be falling off of the plate, I shouldn't have to open the bread to be sure that there is actually meat in between! Tom had the broiled sirloin tips, which were a much better choice.

Next weekend will be better.....right?


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